The Different Benefits Of Using An Immigration Consultant in New Zealand

immigration advisers in NZ

Relocating to a different country can be both exciting and challenging.  In addition to learning a new language, adjusting to a new time zone, and adapting to a new culture, you will be required to complete a fair amount of paperwork.  While it is possible for people to complete immigration without the use of consultants, immigration consultants can be highly beneficial when undertaking relocation.  This article will point out the various advantages available to a client when using an immigration consultancy agency.

  1. Helping With Legal Preparation

One of the most important benefits to using the services of an immigration consultant in New Zealand is that they will assist in making the legal process of immigration simpler and speedier.  Despite the vast amount of information available on the internet regarding legal issues, legal aspects of immigration can be difficult to understand without any prior knowledge of legal matters.  Due to the fact that many nz immigration consultation agencies have legal officers, it is possible for the consultants to clearly explain these procedures to prospective immigrants.  The consultant will also assist with the preparation of documentation necessary for the relocation ensuring all requirements are met according to the laws of the chosen country.

  1. Legal Representation

In some cases, prospective immigrants may need to appear in court to discuss their cases.  In these situations, it is beneficial to use the services of a New Zealand immigration consultant as he/she will represent your best interests in court.  The queries presented by the legal officials will be directed at the consultant and they will provide comprehensive, educated responses relevant to the laws of the state and chosen country for immigration NZ.

  1. Assessment Of The Country

The use of immigration consultancy services can be highly beneficial when evaluating whether or not a country is suitable for prospective immigration.  It can be difficult settling into a society; however, if the individual does not possess the correct skills or qualifications to find occupation, settling can be even more challenging.  An immigration adviser in NZ will assist by evaluating your educational background, skills, and additional qualifications; then finding a country where such skills and educational background would be most suitable.  Immigrants who are planning to relocate for academic purposes would also benefit from this service as consultants can help find the most suitable school available.

  1. Further Advice

Consultants can be useful in apprising a person regarding the chosen country’s culture, educational system, legal system, and any other factor that the immigrant will be exposed to or requires as part of their lifestyle.  This further advice or information is highly beneficial as it increases the preparation of the immigrant on a physical, psychological and emotional level.  While a NZ immigration consultancy services do not provide people with psychological therapy or counselling to deal with relocation; the information provided will act as a preventative measure and will ensure the individual has the correct tools to begin a life in a new country sufficiently.

Final Words On The Matter

Relocating to a new country can be complicated; however, using the immigration consultancy services in New Zealand can be beneficial. The information above can help point out the benefits and allows you to make an informed decision on whether or not to use their services.


Immigration Advice Moving To New Zealand

Before you move to New Zealand it is recommended that you get immigration advice.  This advice should help you complete the application for a visa and move to New Zealand.  There are 3 ways that you can apply for an immigration visa and you should consider these options.

Completing The Form Yourself

Completing the visa application yourself will save you money and it can be done on the New Zealand immigration website.  When completing this application you will need all the information for yourself on hand.  Each visa type will require a different form and there are guides that you can download on the site to help you complete them.

If you are unsure about which visa option you should be applying for you can contact the Immigration department for help.  There is information regarding this on the Immigration website as well as guides to help you determine the visa that you need.

Hire A Licensed Immigration Advisor

If you are not confident about completing the visa application on your own you can hire a licensed immigration adviser.  When you do this you need to ensure that they have a current license.  If the advisor does not have a license and is not exempt from the license they will be committing an offense by taking payment for the advice.

The New Zealand immigration website offers a list of licensed immigration advisers that you can choose from.  Before you hire the advisor you should also check what type of license they have.  There are certain licenses that only allow the advisor to offer information on limited areas of immigration.

If you have any problems with finding a licensed advisor it is possible to contact the Immigration Advisors Authority directly.  This authority is in charge of all licensed advisors and will be able to help you find one that you could work with.  They are also the authority that you should contact if you wish to make a complaint against the advisor that you have chosen.

Engage Someone Exempt From Licensing Requirements

There are certain people who are able to offer immigration advice without a license.  These people are exempt from the requirements for licensing and will not be committing a crime by offering you advice.  These people could be residing outside of New Zealand or within the country’s borders.

The people exempt from licensing who reside outside of New Zealand will include foreign diplomats and consular staff.  You would also be able to engage an education agent if you are looking at student visas or a lawyer with a current New Zealand practicing certificate.  Employees of the New Zealand government who do not reside in the country will also be able to provide immigration advice as part of their jobs.

People exempt from licensing within New Zealand will include layers with a current practice certificate.  Member of Parliament and their staff will also be able to offer immigration advice as part of their jobs along with other government employees.  You can also get advice from volunteers at the Community Law Centers or Citizens Advice Bureau.